Can't install curl

Kevin Elhart kelhart at
Sun May 23 09:30:00 PDT 2010

It turns out curl site was down.  Found a copy elsewhere and I think I'm up and running. 

On Sunday, May 23, 2010, at 11:49AM, "Kevin Elhart" <kelhart at> wrote:
>MacPort newbie here...
>Trying to install Git via MacPorts, it wants Curl, Curl won't install due to checksum errors. Ticket #24384 seems to describe the same problem I'm having, and appears to have been sorted out a few weeks back.  I've got a freshly installed (and selfupgraded) port on Snow Leopard.  Should I log a new ticket, or is there something else I could try?  Output is below:
>--->  Checksumming certdata-1.64.txt
>DEBUG: Correct (md5) checksum for certdata-1.64.txt
>DEBUG: Correct (sha1) checksum for certdata-1.64.txt
>DEBUG: Correct (rmd160) checksum for certdata-1.64.txt
>The correct checksum line may be:
>checksums           curl-7.20.0.tar.bz2 \
>                    md5     c2b4649f6df89c889f36d6740026b943 \
>                    sha1    9ec850ba002dc87e8cf10f07c86a2ff2942287f6 \
>                    rmd160  26d5ae6e9dc9785cdc4c2a0da1bde0e2f3317d41 \
>                    certdata-1.64.txt \
>                    md5     d95f36a39218af7becaf8d775d63adee \
>                    sha1    697d7c9599b49384e5e72f19ede7507b94ba1310 \
>                    rmd160  9a2509119ef5da1842229f7ec5d71e2bfefeab10
>Error: Target org.macports.checksum returned: Unable to verify file checksums
>DEBUG: Backtrace: Unable to verify file checksums
>    while executing
>"$procedure $targetname"
>Warning: the following items did not execute (for curl-ca-bundle): org.macports.activate org.macports.extract org.macports.checksum org.macports.patch org.macports.configure org.macports.destroot org.macports.install
>Error: Status 1 encountered during processing.
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