difficulty installing Haskell Platform

Paul Higham polygame at mac.com
Mon May 31 00:47:35 PDT 2010

I am using a 1.8 GHz PowerPC G5 Macintosh that is running Mac OS X  
10.5.8.  I have XCode 3.1.3 installed and today updated the MacPorts  
installation to 1.8.2 using the command

     sudo port selfupdate

During the execution of that command I received many instances of the  

The process has forked and you cannot use this CoreFoundation  
functionality safely. You MUST exec().
Break on  
() to debug.

I also tried to install the Haskell-Platform using the command

     sudo port install haskell-platform

and again received hundreds of instances of the same message above and  
then after about 20 minutes of this the installation just seemed to  

Any advice about how to make progress with this would be appreciated.



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