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Mon Oct 4 11:31:44 PDT 2010

> As to "taking over", if you don't want to use MacPorts then why did you
> install it in the first place?  It's entirely reasonable to assume that
> someone who has installed MacPorts wants MacPorts programs to be available
> in their $PATH.  If you want to change *where* it is in your $PATH, then
> edit the PATH= line in ~/.profile.

I may have installed MacPorts.
I may have installed program X.

Program X wants to use Y, and wants new version 24 1/2 of Y, while the
system only has version 21.

Now, I want to use Y version 21 for my stuff, and also use Y version
24 1/2 when X needs to use Y

Can you come up with a good general solution for this? This requires
more than just "modify the path in your login shell". This requires
knowing that your execution path is context specific.

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