Linking 'gfortran' command to compiler in gcc43

Rainer Müller raimue at
Thu Oct 7 03:19:22 PDT 2010

On 2010-10-07 03:37 , Mark wrote:
> 1) What is the difference between gfortran vs gcc vs gfortran-mp-*.*?

GCC is the Gnu Compiler Collection. It contains compilers for C, C++,
Objective-C and others. As that is a modular approach, not everything is
always included. For example, Apple does not ship gfortran or gcj with
the gcc included in Xcode Developer Tools.

> 2) If nothing, why do people download gfortran?

See above.

> 3) Since gcc comes with the mac's developer tools, why use macports (is it
> because it's easier to keep up to date).

MacPorts provides newer versions of gcc than Apple (due to a license
change to GPLv3). But Apple's version is also highly patched (for
example it accepts multiple -arch settings at once).

> 4) Finally, what's the best course of action in terms of getting rid of clutter
> and having the best compiler(s)? 

If you do need gfortran you have to install one of the MacPorts provided
gcc versions as Apple does not ship it. Otherwise, Apple's compiler
shipping with Xcode Developer Tools is the best choice for Mac OS X.


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