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Thu Oct 7 19:05:02 PDT 2010

On Oct 7, 2010, at 9:53 PM, Michael_google gmail_Gersten wrote:
> If not, then let me turn this around: Is there a reasonable way to let
> program X installed dependency Y, and yet still let me use system
> version of Y?

Do you have an idea?

You have written several long emails, but I haven't seen an idea on how to do this any better than the way things are.

If you have an idea for how to make it work, we're happy to hear it.

> Python is complex enough that there is an explicit select package for
> it. Apparently the same is true for gcc (based on what I've seen come
> across the list; I haven't installed a new gcc from macports). Now it
> seems that Perl is a "known complex and every packaging system has to
> deal with this", which gets right back to needing a select thingie for
> it.

except that a 'select thingie' won't work unless (like python) we also have a duplicate every p5-* port for each version of perl.

If you're volunteering to maintain all of them, then I guess that's a possibility ;-)

>> If you have an idea that doesn't involve inconveniencing the people who like the 'it just works' nature of the current solution, then I for one would be excited.
> Plain and simple: Want to use macports Y by default when it's
> currently just a dependency? "sudo macport setrequested Y". Because
> now you are requesting it.
> Let all the complexities of package_select be handled for the normal,
> default case by macports.
> Install a new python? Fine, python_select it by default.
> Install a new perl? Fine, perl_select it by default.
> Install a new svn? Fine, svn_select it by default.

so each port gets a 'select' that only gets run some of the time? And every piece of software gets patched to look for the non-select'ed file (or look in some place that isn't in $PATH)?

... or you could just remove the $PATH modification that Macports put there.

(one of these solutions seems simpler).

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