port selfupdate failling

Rainer Müller raimue at macports.org
Sat Oct 9 15:09:20 PDT 2010

On 2010-10-09 23:02 , Uli Wienands wrote:
> ===> making install in doc
> /usr/bin/install -c -d -o root -g 501 -m 755 /opt/local
> /usr/bin/install -c -d -o root -g 501 -m 755 /opt/local/etc/macports
> cat prefix.mtree | /usr/sbin/mtree -U -e -p /opt/local > /dev/null
> mtree: line 6: unknown group 501
> make[1]: *** [install] Error 1
> make: *** [install] Error 1
> I gather form this that it wants to do something in or to group 501.  
> Well, my acount is in 502, not 501. 501 does not exist, but why would  
> it matter?? 502 (the group) has my own name. 80 is the group called  
> admin. I have sudo privs (i.e. administrator account).
> ?? Any hint how to get beyond this? (And I do not want to change my  
> group id even if this were possible. Too much risk.).

Did you install from source before or did you use the disk image?
selfupdate uses the same user and group which was used for the previous
installation. So it could be that you installed with group 501 and later
deleted this account, but MacPorts has stored this group id (501 is the
first user created and usually exists on all Mac OS X systems).


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