creating MacTeX links to MacPorts TeXLive

Dan Ports dports at
Sat Oct 9 17:42:52 PDT 2010

So, good timing on this request since we will be updating to TeXLive
2010 soon and can roll this into that change.

It may also tie in nicely with something else I was considering doing
with the texlive ports. Currently texlive-bin builds all the binaries
for everything and installs them into $prefix/bin. Unfortunately, they
aren't usable without the corresponding texmf packages, e.g.
texlive-xetex for xetex. Obviously this can be confusing.

I was thinking of dealing with this by having texlive-bin install
binaries into some "hidden" location, say somewhere in $prefix/libexec,
then having the individual texlive ports symlink the appropriate
binaries into $prefix/bin. If we do that we can easily put another
symlink in place for the texbin directory.

(A better approach still would be to only build the individual binaries
as needed, but this would require some major changes to the texlive
build infrastructure.)

I will be on vacation for about two weeks, and planning on working on
TL2010 once I get back. I've been putting off a bunch of changes to the
port to combine them with the 2010 release, so if anyone has any other
requests, feel free to send them my way.


Dan R. K. Ports              MIT CSAIL      

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