Setting Squid options

Haravikk me at
Sat Oct 16 04:31:56 PDT 2010

Hey there!

Recently set up Squid using MacPorts, because I have a general aversion to building things myself, so MacPorts is naturally the best option =)

Anyway, I've installed Squid 2.7, as I was having some trouble with Squid 3, and it's currently lacking a couple of options that I need (storage URL rewriting). However Squid 2.7 has a lovely feature which is giving me new trouble; when Squid 2.7 starts up it performs a DNS test, and if this is unsuccessful after several attempts it will auto-quit. This is very annoying for me as my machine's internet connection takes a while to resolve after starting up (usually about 5 minutes), meaning I have to manually start Squid instead of using the launchd configuration as it auto-quits every time.

Now, Squid has an option to disable this test (-D), however I'm unsure where would be safe to put this? It looks to me like /opt/local/etc/LaunchDaemons/org.macports.Squid/Squid.wrapper is the correct place, but I'm wondering if this is likely to be overwritten during a MacPorts upgrade? Is there any more preferable place to put the option?


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