Please Help - can't install ufraw

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Tue Oct 19 08:31:43 PDT 2010

On Oct 19, 2010, at 10:24, David Evans wrote:
> On 10/19/10 8:14 AM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> Why don't we delete that variant and make the xpdf port always do that?
> I agree but there is a political history behind this.
> Xpdf was first and poppler is an off-shoot of the original xpdf code written
> as a library to allow other projects to use it.
> The two have diverged some-what and it has only been relatively recently
> that
> xpdf  was modified to allow linking to poppler rather than use its own code.
> Xpdf web site still doesn't mention poppler although it is the variant
> that is
> currently being maintained (xpdf hasn't had a change in a year and then only
> minor).
> But the solution that you propose would be the one that works.
> Perhaps just making the +with_poppler variant a default variant would
> fix the
> problem and allow xpdf purists to use xpdf without poppler (if they
> really never
> want to use poppler).

If the variant is kept, I would want it renamed to just "+poppler" (we do not name variants with "with_" or "without_" prefixes in MacPorts).

Also if the variant is kept my addition of the conflicts keywords needs to be fixed to only apply the conflict if it's actually relevant.

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