Problems w/ MacFUSE & SSHFS

Chris Jones jonesc at
Thu Oct 21 05:58:18 PDT 2010

MacFuse doesn't yet officially support the 64 bit kernel, which 
presumably is why the 64 bit module is not built. See


for details.

However... recently an unofficial version, using some work done by the 
htfs devs as been ported until a version. See


I've tried it myself, and it *seems* to work. But it is beta so use at 
your own risk.

However, until official 64 bit kernel support is there, it is probably 
correct that the macports version does not build the module for the 64 
bit kernel.

cheers Chris

Dan Ports wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 01:21:42AM -0500, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> What we should change is the supported_archs, though; if it in fact only supports 32-bit architectures the port should so indicate.
> It isn't that simple -- the kernel module doesn't build 64-bit, but all
> the userspace components (the library and framework) do.
> Setting supported_archs i386 implies that the userspace components need
> to be built 32-bit, which is neither necessary nor desirable (it would
> force dependent ports like sshfs to biuld 32-bit). And it would still
> allow a 32-bit kext to be built for a 64-bit kernel, which isn't
> useful.
> If there's a way to indicate a kernel architecture requirement, I'm not
> aware of it. Maybe we should check in a pre-fetch phase and error out?
> Dan

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