bugged bzip2?

Bradley Giesbrecht brad at pixilla.com
Mon Oct 25 10:03:05 PDT 2010

On Oct 25, 2010, at 9:50 AM, John B Brown wrote:

> Bradley Giesbrecht wrote:
>> On Oct 25, 2010, at 8:29 AM, John B Brown wrote:
>>> Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>>>> On Oct 24, 2010, at 22:46, John B Brown wrote:
>>>>>    The version in /opt/local/bin is 1.0.6, installed with  
>>>>> texlive. There is another bzip2 in /user/bin which is version  
>>>>> 1.0.5. It was put there with the latest combined Apple update,  
>>>>> Mac OS 10.6.4. I'll just use rm on it. That should fix my "bug"  
>>>>> problems with bzip2.
>>>> Removing parts of Mac OS X is probably not a good idea; there may  
>>>> be other parts of Mac OS X that rely on bzip2 being there.
>>>>>    It's nice that the xcode compiler found that, or the source  
>>>>> code was set up to look for it. It's too bad the folk at Apple  
>>>>> didn't use the later version of bzip2 in their update load.
>>>> Perhaps Apple will update bzip to 1.0.6 in an upcoming security  
>>>> update.
>>>    Would copying the bzip2 from the port tree into /usr/bin work  
>>> without problems?
>> If /opt/local/bin is before /usr/bin in your PATH env var I'd think  
>> you would not have this issue. Does clamav configure allow you to  
>> tell it where to find bzip2 with something like --with-bzip2=/opt/ 
>> local/bin?
>> ./configure --help
>> Brad
> 	There are possibilities: "--with-PACKAGE[=ARG]", "--disable-bzip2",  
> and --with[out]-libbz2-prefix[=DIR]. Since the mess, I've installed  
> clamav with port and it now resides in the port tree. The port tree  
> executables are all first in my PATH as the install set it.
> 	I have no idea why the mess except I changed the install location  
> from /usr/local to /usr. That is a stretch but it's always a  
> possibility. The source came through clamav.net.
> 	I just ran 'configure --with-libbz2-prefix=/opt/local', no change  
> of install location, and there was no complaint of "bugged" so I'll  
> see if it compiles to a working set of files. The compile completed  
> with no problem.
> 	After wiping that compile tree I installed the source again. This  
> time I changed the install point to /usr but included the same  
> libbz2 configure as above. The same warning about a bugged bzip2 was  
> presented. It's probably the libraries in the /usr tree that have  
> the bug. I'll stick with the port install of clamav.

My guess is the clamav configure script either didn't find what it was  
looking for in /opt/local or it looks in prefix for libs and  
incorrectly overrides configure args if it finds things.

Either way the MacPorts version seems to work for you so I guess we  
are ok.


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