upcoming qt4-mac changes

Kastus Shchuka macports at tprfct.net
Sat Oct 30 14:49:20 PDT 2010

On Oct 29, 2010, at 7:52 AM, Michael Dickens wrote:

> Begin forwarded message:
>> From: michaelld at macports.org
>> Subject: [72874] trunk/dports/_resources/port1.0/group/qt4-1.0.tcl
>> Add in a few more variables; set all variables to 'global' to allow
>> for use in variants and enbedded stages.
> Related to this change, I've also tracked down 3 other issues with  
> QMake:

> <snip>

> 1) Sometimes QMake will generate a string like "-arch i386 -arch"  
> without specifying the second arch (see, e.g., ports djview and  
> liblastfm).  I believe this was fixed in the mkspec files for 4.7.0;  
> I'll check this to make sure, and remove those particular patches if  
> so.

I am experiencing this issue while building djview on PPC platform, I  
am getting a string "-arch ppc -arch" without the second arch. This is  
tracked in ticket 27073. Is there any known workaround? or should we  
just wait for qt4-mac port update?



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