unresponsive terminal after installing Macports Python PIL

Tommy Bollman tommyb06 at student.uia.no
Fri Apr 29 00:29:15 PDT 2011

Have you tried using xterm? from within XQuartz ?
This is kind of at the sideline, but my main reason for using XQuartz is for having a terminal window
that is always working -though a little bit less sophisticated, but with much better response times.
There is an investment in time, setting it all up and configuring, but it is very rewarding.
Den 29. apr. 2011 kl. 01.24 skrev Ryan Schmidt:

> On Apr 28, 2011, at 18:21, John Stoner wrote:
>> On Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 5:22 PM, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at macports.org> wrote:
>>> Rebooting your computer is almost never necessary. I imagine you'd've gotten the same result (properly functioning terminal) by closing the nonfunctional terminal window and making a new one (Shell menu: New Window). I use the terminal a lot, making dozens of terminal windows over the course of a day, and several times a day I get a nonfunctional terminal window as you describe, particularly if I've just closed another terminal window a second ago. I don't remember this happening before upgrading from Tiger to Snow Leopard. I don't know what causes it but it doesn't overly concern me; I just make another window and move on. I doubt it has anything to do with MacPorts.
>> Nope. 
>> It's never happened to me before today, and I've used Snow Leopard for months. Starting new windows didn't fix it. Killing the terminal app didn't fix it. Switching to a different terminal app (iTerm) didn't fix it. Rebooting did. 
>> I don't know whether it has anything to do with Macports, really. I use Macports once in a great while. This might be the first time since I upgraded to Snow Leopard. I used it last night, and this happened. If it happens to you several times a day and you use MacPorts a lot, maybe it is related.
> I guess my situation isn't the same as yours then. As I said, making a new terminal window fixes it for me.
> I still don't see how MacPorts could affect the functioning of your terminal application.
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