beamer problem

Emden R. Gansner erg at
Fri Apr 29 18:58:06 PDT 2011

On 4/29/11 8:04 PM, Dan Ports wrote:
> Hmm. That path is correct, and the file is in the right place, but
> kpsewhich can't find it. Maybe the database is not up to date -- try
> running `sudo mktexlsr` and retrying?
Thank you. That was basically it. Doing mktexlsr got me closer, but I 
was still picking up
some old beamer and pgf files under /opt/local/share/texmf. Once I 
shifted these out of the
way, everything was fine.

At present, I have texmf, texmf-texlive, texmf-texlive-dist and 
texmf-local under /opt/local/share.
Are all of these necessary? Is there some way to expunge tex files in 
these directories that are no
longer used?

Thanks again.


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