Compatible with Mac OS X Server 10.6?

Jeremy Huddleston jeremyhu at
Sat Apr 30 20:06:32 PDT 2011

You may be better off just rebuild the mod_ssl module for Apple's apache rather than rebuilding all of apache... you'll probably run out of duct tape and crazy glue.

MacPorts is safe to use on SL Server (I've been using it just fine for quite some time), so if you *really* want to use MP's apache rather than the one provided by Apple, then you're trying something I've never done, but here's what I'd suggest:

You can probably get by with symlinking /opt/local/etc/apache2 (or whatever the MP apache uses for its config dir) to /etc/apache2.  This will probably get MP's apache to provide the same content as Apple's, but there might be slight differences between the two versions that may cause issues, so keep an eye on your error_log to see if that is the case (I know there were some changes for FollowSymlinks behavior in apache that recently bit me where newer versions would only follow if the symlinks owner matched the owner of the target).

If you want Server Admin to start/stop *your* apache instead of Apple's then you will probably need to edit /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/*apache*

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On Apr 30, 2011, at 18:43, René Fournier wrote:

> To meet PCI compliance, I need to update Apache's OpenSSL to the latest version (1.0.0d). We're using Xserves running OS X Server 10.6.7.
> Can someone tell me, is MacPorts safe to use on OS X Server? And specifically, what are the consequences with respect to Server Admin and some of the other web services that Apple provides therein (such as the Wiki)?
> Thanks.
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> René Fournier
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