MacPorts is hijacking account on MacOSXServer

Rainer Müller raimue at
Wed Aug 3 10:01:37 PDT 2011

Hello Kevin,

On 07/28/2011 07:50 PM, kevin beckford wrote:
> You should familiarize yourself with the operating system you are
> tasked with writing software on in that case.  Or, say "We did not
> bother to do our homework, don't use our stuff." You said the same
> thing about git.  Ignorance is hardly becoming.

I don't think this is appropriate. We are all volunteers here. Ryan and 
others are investing a lot of their spare time to work for MacPorts. We 
all have different motivations for our contributions and run the OS in 
different environments. This isn't ignorance, it just meant as this 
problem occurred we needed more information to solve it.

Even the Apple User Management Manual [1] doesn't tell us that mobile 
users are using UIDs > 1000 and that this range is reserved for this 
use. That's what we found out with the help from the community. MacPorts 
can be only as good as the contributions to it.



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