port selfupdate failed (on Lion)

Johannes Ruscheinski ruschein at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 08:40:39 PDT 2011


I just got the following output after running "svn up" followed by
"sudo port selfupdate":

Warning: port definitions are more than two weeks old, consider using selfupdate
--->  Updating the ports tree
--->  Updating MacPorts base sources using rsync
MacPorts base version 1.9.99 installed,
MacPorts base version 2.0.1 downloaded.
--->  MacPorts base is outdated, installing new version 2.0.1
Installing new MacPorts release in /opt/local as root:admin;
permissions 0755; Tcl-Package in /Library/Tcl

Error: /opt/local/bin/port: port selfupdate failed: Error installing
new MacPorts base: shell command failed

I assume this is a common problem on Lion?   If not, I'd be happy to
provide whatever logs are needed to troubleshoot this.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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