gcc 4.6 port for OSX Lion

ENDERLIN Christophe c.enderlin at me.com
Thu Aug 4 14:10:38 PDT 2011

Le 4 août 2011 à 19:59, vincent habchi a écrit :

> Christophe,
>> Well, all I need is actually C-family languages so I think it'll be ok.
>> So I've chosen gcc46 port that install 4.6.01 and all seems to work fine.
> You can find elsewhere (ticket #29184), or I can handle you, a portfile that will bump to latest 4.6.1.

Thank you. But when I type 'gcc --version', I get this:

gcc (GCC) 4.6.1 20110325 (prerelease)

Is it the latest 4.6.1 that you're talking about or not ?

If not, I'm interested in your portfile, but I don't really know what to do with it (I'm new to MacPorts).
Could you explain this to me, please ?


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