gcc 4.6 port for OSX Lion

Rainer Müller raimue at macports.org
Fri Aug 5 03:44:52 PDT 2011

On 08/04/2011 11:25 PM, ENDERLIN Christophe wrote:
> Le 4 août 2011 à 22:00, Rainer Müller a écrit :
>> On 2011-08-04 21:58 , Rainer Müller wrote:
>>> Use the command 'port select' to change which gcc is invoked when typing
>>> 'gcc' in your shell. It will change the symlink at /opt/local/bin/gcc.
>>>        sudo port select gcc gcc46
>> Sorry, I made a slight mistake. Should have read:
>>   sudo port select gcc mp-gcc46
>> Rainer
> Yes it works. I got an error about a not found target gcj, but I guess it's normal
> if gcj is a Java compiler, right ?

Hm, I see what happens here. Usually the gccXY ports provide all 
available languages, which would include Java and Fortran. But for gcc46 
these two have been disabled because they cause build errors. Obviously 
the select instructions have not been adopted in the port and still 
refer to gcj and gfortran although they have not been installed.


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