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Keith J. Schultz keithjschultz at web.de
Wed Aug 10 11:20:15 PDT 2011

Hi Mojca,

Slow your horses down a bit!

First I have said that I am using MacTeX, not macports! So, I am not 
aware how far the macport port of TeXLive 2011 is!

Second I mentioned that their are caveats to using macports. 
This is especially true of TeXLive and the way macports works.

As mentioned by Paulo in a later message:
> Mojca spotted the problem (thanks!): it seems that I had an older version of "texlive-lang-cjk" installed that was not being reported by "port" as such (I had some trouble when moving to Lion and is possible that I messed up something). Anyway, after chasing and deleting all "texmf*" and "texlive*" folders and files on "/opt/local", I was able to successfully install the 2011 version of TexLive. Thanks you all for the great support.

Thirdly, I have been using MacTeX for several years, now and never had TL break
after an update! 

Fourth, I never addressed the maintainer to abandon the port, just a user wanting to have
a working TL distribution. 

Fifth, I have stated that the macport maintainers/volunteers are doing a great job and 
getting better. 

If macports has rewritten the XeTeX engine to run 64-bit then it would be nice if they
shared their code with the TL and MacTeX community, so that all may benefit from it as
this is the only piece of code that is not 64-bit.

Mojca you may not like my opinions, but please refrain from putting "words in my mouth"
that I did not say nor intend.


Am 10.08.2011 um 11:48 schrieb Mojca Miklavec:

> On Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 11:06, Keith J. Schultz <keithjschultz at web.de> wrote:
>> Hi Dan,
>> All I was trying to point out is that what ever source macports is distributing
>> that they are not using the the final realease
> You are wrong. MacPorts is using the final release. The same one as
> MacTeX is using (except that MacTeX can update packages and break
> things since TL has been tested at least to some extent, while
> day-to-day updates are not).
>> As I suggested switch to the MacTex Distribution.
> ...
>> If you can not wait do not complain, switch to MacTeX. Like I said those porting
>> are volunteers and try to do their best. Yet, they need TIME.
> Are you asking the maintainer of texlive port for MacPorts to abandon
> development of the port and switch to MacTeX, leaving tetex in
> MacPorts instead??????
> Please keep the following in mind:
> - MacPorts has never in history been so fast in porting the latest
> version of TeX Live. Compare that with Debian or Ubuntu which still
> ships TeX Live 2009. Please give me a list of Linux distributions that
> already ship TL 2011.
> - MacTeX doesn't work on Tiger. If MacPorts still works on Tiger and
> Panther (I think it does), so do its TeX Live packages in contrast to
> MacTeX. MacPorts even ship a 64-bit version of XeTeX.
> - You can claim that any program XYZ is easier to use if one simply
> downloads dmg instead of installing it via MacPorts. This list is not
> meant for discussion whether Octave.app is better than octave port in
> MacPorts and that octave port should be removed since it is useless.
> It is about making ports in MacPorts better. I still installed Qt from
> Nokia's page, but this is not to say that qt port in MacPorts is
> useless (even if broken at the moment).
> - Not every user cares what version of TeX he or she uses. Those are
> free to use MacPorts's TeX. 99% of TeX users don't care about updates.
> They just want to compile their 10-years-old articles.
> - TeX Live updates from upstream repositories with
> the-latest-and-the-greatest package versions can easily break your TeX
> documents. Not everyone wants to live on bleeding edge.
> Mojca

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