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Andrew Long andrew.long at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 17 10:19:43 PDT 2011

On 16 Aug 2011, at 22:24, Andrew Long wrote:
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> The problem that I now have is to find out which application that, probably several years and several machines ago, caused me to need to install mono framework. But that isn't a problem for this list.

The application was usenext (the high-level usenet client for the usenext.de usenet services). I installed mono from macports and usenext is still(?) working (I never tried to use it after uninstalling the mono-framework from mono-project.com, so I don't *know* that it would have failed)

However, trying to install mono-basic fails trying to access shared memory under /var/empty/.wapi (file does not exist). Also, mono-addins refuses to install because the only +universal it understands is i386 & ppc, not x86_64.

So I'm going to leave it here unless anyone else wants to dig deeper.

Regards, Andy

Andrew Long
andrew dot long at mac dot com

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