Macports on os x lion

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Wed Aug 24 12:17:54 PDT 2011

On Aug 23, 2011, at 16:32, james collins wrote:

> I am installing mac os x lion from a clean snow leopard machine.
> I did install two applications and a USB driver, but other than that I had a clean  install of snow leopard, from my original snow leopard install DVDs that came with my MacBook pro laptop.
> I then installed snow leopard updates and now I am installing lion.
> Just wondered if there is anything I should be concerned about installing macports under lion?

After you install Lion, go to the Mac App Store and get Xcode 4.1 (or later, if available); it's free. Note that "installing" Xcode from the App Store only puts the Xcode installer program into the Applications folder. You still need to run it to actually install Xcode.

Then you can install MacPorts for Lion, using our installer from our web site. Make sure you download the one marked as being for Lion.

> I had originally tried to install macports to use recoll a unix search tool. And I remember getting a lot of command line software. One question I have is does all that software have to be updated to work on the new mac os? And will macports take care of that for me?

If your machine is "clean" now as you claim, does that mean you erased the hard drive? If so, then you've already erased anything MacPorts installed before. If not, you may want to manually uninstall MacPorts, just to be sure. Here are the instructions:

MacPorts manages dependencies for you. If you "sudo port install recoll", MacPorts will first install all the dependencies required for recoll to work.

> I originally couldn't install macports, I basically underestimated the time needed to install recoll and macports.
> That is why I originally reinstalled snow leopard. But just wondered when I eventually try again under mac os x lion, if there is anything I need to be aware of?

Just remember that Lion is still new, and not everyone has it yet, which means you could run into ports that won't install, because they're not (yet) compatible with Lion; if so, please file a ticket in the issue tracker, assuming one has not already been filed for that problem.

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