Installed macports what to do next

james collins james.collins75 at
Thu Aug 25 09:08:56 PDT 2011


Just installed macports in lion on my MacBook pro.

I originally wanted to use recoll, a unix search tool. I understand recoll has dependencies, and according to the recoll website it is included with macports.

So the first thing I did when I installed the lion dmg file on my computer. Was to go into terminal and type:

sudo port install recoll

I got an error:

Error: Port recoll not found


So I wondered, I just installed macports where is recoll?

What should I do?

I thought about running selfupdate, but can't get rsync working.

I wondered, I know it says to run selfupdate often. And I obviously want it working. But I just installed macports shouldn't I have recoll already?

And what is the ports tree. Do I have a ports tree by default when installing macports, or do I get it by running selfupdate?

I thought about running selfupdate by using subversion, but just wanted to try and understand macports a little more

Thanks in advance

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