Atlas problem when cleaning and rebuilding [was: Re: Poppler error]

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Thu Dec 1 18:33:40 PST 2011

On Dec 1, 2011, at 04:46, Fabrizio Bartolomucci wrote:

> as soon as I try to do port outgrade, it goes to Atlas, and so I have no postpone option allowing me to keep on using macport. So I think I will have to wait the ~ 6/7 hours hoping the other packages are faster; otherwise I will have mac port functioning again in the next millennium...

You don't have to let MacPorts upgrade all outdated ports all at once in the order it chooses. You can type "port outdated" to see which ports are outdated, and upgrade them individually in any order you choose -- for those ports that do not depend on one another. For ports that do depend on one another, MacPorts will upgrade them in the required order, regardless what you ask for.

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