problem building qt4-x11 on SL

Frédéric Dubois Frederic.Dubois at
Sun Dec 4 00:25:52 PST 2011

I suspected something with launchd

Here is the log ...

vpn2:PythonOCC dubois$ python
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "", line 226, in <module>
line 85, in __init__
     self.display = _BaseDisplay(display)
line 67, in __init__
     apply(protocol.display.Display.__init__, (self, ) + args, keys)
line 45, in __init__
     name, host, displayno, screenno = connect.get_display(display)
line 67, in get_display
     return mod.get_display(display)
line 53, in get_display
     raise error.DisplayNameError(display)
Xlib.error.DisplayNameError: Bad display name "/tmp/launch-1hAg4j/org.x:0"

and /tmp/launch-1hAg4j/org.x:0 is the value of DISPLAY


Le 04/12/11 08:51, Ryan Schmidt a écrit :
> On Dec 4, 2011, at 01:30, Frédéric Dubois wrote:
>> By default its not working because the DISPLAY variable is not giving
>> access to a suitable X11 display to python-xlib.
>> Once you "export DISPLAY=:0" it works fine.
>> Is it normal ?
> Ever since Leopard, Apple sets DISPLAY for you, to a special value that makes automatically anytime it's needed. If you override DISPLAY and set it to something like ":0" then will no longer automatically launch when needed, and you'll have to launch it manually.
> It is possible that python-xlib does not like this special value Apple uses for DISPLAY. What problem do you see when you don't override DISPLAY?

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