Request: make the ML's default return candidate be the ML

Phil Dobbin phildobbin at
Fri Dec 9 23:40:50 PST 2011

On 10/12/11 03:24, "Phillip Koebbe" <phillip.koebbe at> wrote:

> I was referring to the bit about the mail going directly to my inbox and
> bypassing the filters I have set up. I use Gmail IMAP and have a filter that
> reads the from address and applies a particular label to the message, and when
> it comes down to, it gets routed to a folder other than my Inbox.
> Roger was talking about how some people commented to him about this behavior
> and I found it amusing that it happened to me with the very message that
> described the behavior.

Yes, my apologies for that. That reply was actually directed at Roger's
problems with his email & not meant as to refer to you. My bad.

It was getting late & what with emails flying into different boxes... I was
trying to do my best to clear up this somewhat persistent thread ;-).



Nothing to see here... move along, move along

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