Suggest removing all python packages from macports repository

Lawrence Velázquez larry.velazquez at
Sun Dec 11 15:17:58 PST 2011

> I used to use python from macports. But it seems to be inconvenient and many python packages are not available in macports. Once you start using macport for python packages, basically you lose the opportunity to use any native method for installing python packages.

MacPorts does have ports for setuptools and pip:

Python 2.4: py24-distribute, py-pip
Python 2.5: py25-distribute, py25-pip
Python 2.6: py26-distribute, py26-pip
Python 2.7: py27-distribute, py27-pip
Python 3.1: py31-distribute
Python 3.2: py32-distribute

Have you tried them? Do they not work for you?


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