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Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> schrieb:

>tl;dr: I don't know, but isn't it nice that there are now multiple
>options you can choose from?

shure, but isn't it nicer to have more software (ports) plus more actual software (including their maintainers with their experiences) - especially if more then 95% of the work in both projects are just double...

A "merge" of MacPorts with Gentoo portage is not that ideal solution but might come up from peoples who are know Gentoo portage, but Gentoo portage still IS very linuxish and gentooish at all - pkgsrc goes a widely other way, providing a consistent software repo for many different operating systems and/or "platform independent".

At least every macports devel which still does not know / understand the major pkgsrc concepts should take just a look at it. Both concepts have pro's and con's - shure, but both may can learn from each other or even more better: participate in each others project work directly in any way.

Unfortunately it isn't a wise idea to run more then one of such repo systems on the same system (could make sense at least partly if sandboxed) - so the user have to fix to one from different options, will choose usually the repo with the most available ports in a (secondly) most consistent state/history.

It is nice to have different options to choose, but it would be nicer if i.e. macports would have the actuality of pkgsrc and pkgsrc port providers able to reach the mac platform too. On the other hand pkgsrc could have more flags to choose. Both projects have very skilled and worthfully peoples in their portfolio with a very wide overlapping field of interests.

I see different options how both can get boosted from each other in practice - will write it down in the next days and cokme back here. Maybe it could help someone within the one and/or other project or just provides small ideas for the future...



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