Does gcc45 support -arch?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sat Dec 17 22:07:57 PST 2011

On Dec 18, 2011, at 00:02, Peng Yu wrote:

>> Which perl ports are installed?
> I see. Now it sounds obvious. I use ActivePerl rather than perl from
> port, because I'm not able to use other perl packages when they are
> not supported in macports, if I use perl from port.

It should be easy to add p5 ports for cpan modules that aren't in MacPorts yet. The cpan2port script can automate much of this. If there are modules you need that we don't have yet feel free to file port request tickets, or even submit ports yourself.

> Besides Brandon's recommendation, "PATH=/usr/bin:$PATH make". I guess
> the only other walkaround is that I have to gcc_select the default the
> mac native compile when it is necessary. Is there any other better
> solution?

I assume it's looking for the CC and CXX variables to know which compilers to use, so if you set CC=/usr/bin/gcc and CXX=/usr/bin/g++ before running configure that should work.

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