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On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 11:52, Arno Hautala <arno at> wrote:

> On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 11:22, Scott Webster <sewebster at> wrote:
> > On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 11:17 AM, Phil Dobbin <phildobbin at>
> wrote:
> >> No. Nothing has been flagged about Mac Ports...
> >
> > Well, that is weird.  Every time you send a message to the list I get
> > the big warning telling me you are trying to phish me.  It isn't just
> > me who sees this...
> Using the web interface for Gmail, I'm not seeing any warning about
> Phil's messages (and I don't recall seeing this recently on other
> messages). Is there a way to disable this warning that I, and others,
> may have set in Gmail?

It used to be possible to disable the phish warning completely in Settings,
but I don't see that option any more.

Though, the alum.wpi address that I use forwards everything to my
> Gmail account. Looking at the message source seems to indicate that
> WPI is adding their own SPF and DKIM information. I wonder if that's a
> flaw or if there's an exception that recognizes list mail or MacPorts
> specifically.

For what it's worth, your messages don't show the phish warning but other
people's messages do.  This suggests it's as previously mentioned, that
messages from an SPI/DKIM enabled address that are resent by the MacPorts
list (which isn't so enabled) are triggering it.

That said, the DKIM audit information in messages that get the phish
warning is indistinguishable from that in messages that don't!  It also
shows the correct DKIM information is in fact being looked up.

I first noticed this back when gmail enabled the phish warning, and in fact
filed a bug (which was apparently ignored) noting that they should really
have a way to deal with valid mailing lists.

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