Date/time of a port

Ian Wadham at
Thu Dec 29 03:57:41 PST 2011

Is there some way to find the date and time when a port was first released?

A strange thing happened in my macports setup over the last two days.  I had
installed Lion 10.7.2 and XCode 4.2.1, then I was going through the Migration
procedure.  Having installed Macports 2.0.3 and uninstalled all ports, I proceeded
to install qt-mac 4.7.4 and kdelibs4 4.7.4 followed by kdegames4 4.7.4.

There were some places in the kdegames4 source code where clang diagnosed
errors and it took a while to find and work around them.  Finally everything built
OK, but no KDE apps would run --- something to do with the Attica library not
being found.  I had noticed, that during my efforts to build kdegames4 a new
version (port) of Attica appeared.  I had built kdelibs4 with Attica 0.2.9_0, but
now Attica had changed to 0.3.0_0.  So I deactivated 0.3.0_0 and reactivated
0.2.9_0 and then all my KDE apps worked fine.

Would I be correct in assuming that the new port of Attica was released during
the last two days?

Cheers, Ian W.

P.S. I have notified the KDE Games list of the problems I had compiling
the games with clang and I hope the other KDE Games developers and
I can resolve the issues soon.

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