Questions about code signing

kevin beckford chiggsy at
Sat Feb 5 23:18:11 PST 2011

>> and the mechanism is in
>> place to disable unsigned binaries.
> Huh?

man taskgated.

Code signing would be a great idea, if I was a full partner in what
was running.  NPAPI plugins run as the logged in user, a quite
alarming piece of information,  so I'm quite happy to see things such
as the sandbox, and code signing binaries.  However taskgated  indeed
could disable binaries, and then it becomes an issue of philosophy

  Philosophically, Apple makes superlative products, but also has made
it clear it would like to maintain a high degree of control over those
products.  I understand this viewpoint completely, I also like a high
degree of control over my products especially on my home network.

>> I wonder how easy it will be to run open source software on Lion?  I'm
>> thinking harder.

> Apple started the MacPorts project, is currently hosting it, and as far as I know there are still several Apple employees here, and Apple is still pleased this project exists. I don't think they would deliberately make changes to the OS to make things harder for us.

I certainly hope you are correct.  For what it's worth, I don't think
they will change things just to make it harder also.

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