MacPorts without root privileges: how?

Ben Greenfield ben at
Tue Feb 15 06:38:46 PST 2011

On Feb 15, 2011, at 8:32 AM, Gf B wrote:

> OK, I installed dbus using +no_startupitem+no_root.  Thank you all for
> the pointers to these variants.
> No such luck, however, with the postgresql90-server port.  This port
> is basically uninstallable without root privileges.  This is highly
> annoying to someone who has done dozens of PostgreSQL server
> installations before.  I'm sure I can finish this one by hand.  

If you work on modifying the portfile to not depend on root that would be the best approach in my opinion.

It could be it needs a +no_root variant that others could use

> What I
> can't figure out is how to tell MacPorts that this port should be
> considered installed and active.
> So I return to the question: how to finalize the installation and
> activation of a port "by hand"?  What must I do to mark a port as
> installed and active?  What tricks/tools can I use to determine what's
> left to be done?

Modify the portfile by hand until you get the port installed will meet your goals and may help others.

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> Thanks in advance,
> G.
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