Problem running python_select

Salman Zubair Toor salman.toor at
Fri Feb 18 10:15:21 PST 2011


I am new to the Macports. I have Snow Leopard and I have installed  
macports using  Macports-1.9.2-10.6.dmg.

The problem is, after installation it don't have /opt/local/Library  
directory. When I install python it puts everything in /opt/local/ (I  
mean in lib and bin directories).

macport.conf have

# Directory containing Applications from ports.
applications_dir        /Applications/MacPorts

Thats why I think "python_select" fails to set the current version.

Do I need to specify any flag while installation, which install things  
in Frameworks?

I have also tried with the source but with the standard commands (./ 
configure , make, make install) but no luck.



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