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What problems do you have with python_select?  MacPorts should put pythons
in /opt/local/Library, but if you don't install any python versions that
won't happen.  Note that python_select is just a script to choose between
different pythons (including the system python).

python_select should be in /opt/local/bin.  To take a look at the python
versions you have available, use the command

python_select -l

You should see something like this:

username$ python_select -l
Available versions:
current none python24 python25 python26 python26-apple python27 python32

If all you see is python26-apple, that means you haven't installed any other
python versions yet.  These have to be installed separately from
python_select.  For example, try installing python27:

sudo port install python27

Now you should be able to choose between these two versions using
python_select.  To actually use python_select to change default python
versions, just select the version you want to run from the list provided
with "-l":

python_select python27

My last comment -- on Mac, python is installed as a framework, so the
vanilla "./configure && make && make install" won't work for its source
code.  You need additional cflags and compiler options, which is what makes
MacPorts so nice.

Hope this helps,

On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 1:15 PM, Salman Zubair Toor <salman.toor at>wrote:

> Hi,
> I am new to the Macports. I have Snow Leopard and I have installed macports
> using  Macports-1.9.2-10.6.dmg.
> The problem is, after installation it don't have /opt/local/Library
> directory. When I install python it puts everything in /opt/local/ (I mean
> in lib and bin directories).
> macport.conf have
> -----------------
> # Directory containing Applications from ports.
> applications_dir        /Applications/MacPorts
> -----------------
> Thats why I think "python_select" fails to set the current version.
> Do I need to specify any flag while installation, which install things in
> Frameworks?
> I have also tried with the source but with the standard commands
> (./configure , make, make install) but no luck.
> Regards..
> Salman.
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