Berkeley DB conflict

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Sun Feb 20 15:52:19 PST 2011

The PortFile detects the existence of berkely db in /usr/local by checking for the following file:

so make sure that is also moved ... I suspect you only moved the libs/bins?


On 21/02/2011, at 12:43 , Tim Bunnell wrote:

> Folks,
> I'm trying macports for the first time. Before installing macports, I had the Berkeley DB libs and binaries installed on my system (running Snow Leopard) under /usr/local/lib and when installing something that depended on them in macports, it generated an error suggesting I move it aside so it could install a different (slightly older) version under /opt. I did. I also moved all the related binaries from /usr/local/bin and tried everything else that I can think of including a complete removal and reinstall of macports and rebooting the MacBook Pro. But it continues to report the same conflict:
>> local> sudo port install db46
>> Password:
>> --->  Extracting db46
>> Error: You have a conflicting install of Berkeley DB in /usr/local, please move it aside before building db46
>> Error: Target org.macports.extract returned: Berkeley DB in /usr/local is in the way
> Any suggestions on how to get around this? 
> Thanks,
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