perl5, perl5.* changes

Eric Hall at
Fri Feb 25 09:28:04 PST 2011

	I've just commited changes to the perl5*
ports (perl5, perl5.8, perl5.10, perl5.12) to:

 	* Make perl5.* install their bin/ and man/
components with the perl version number in the filename.

	* Make the perl5 port link the bin/ and man/
components from the 'active' perl5.* version (variant
in perl5) to the plain bin/ and main/ names.

	* Make the perl5 port default to perl5.12.
We're now using the latest production perl version
(perl5.12.3).  If you need an older version, you can
install 'perl5 +perl5_8' or 'perl5 +perl5_10' to
have the older version be the 'active' perl version.
Note that if a port needs a particular perl5 version
installed, it can depend on that perl5.* port 
directly (though it may need to use perl5.8 or perl5.10
in place of 'perl' to get to it).

	If you have perl modules that have compiled
bits in them they will need to be rebuilt when you 
upgrade between perl versions (perl5.8 to perl5.12 for
example).  The same goes if you change perl5.8 variants
like +threads.


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