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Mon Feb 28 18:33:46 PST 2011

On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 19:34, Dan Ports <dports at> wrote:
> Yes, I'm also confused by this. It's possible to have multiple versions
> of perl5 installed, but as far as I can tell modules can only be
> installed for one of them -- whichever one was installed as
> $prefix/bin/perl at the time the moduls were built. If so, we don't
> really support multiple versions of perl at all. If having only one
> version of perl5 installed is acceptable (I'm not a perl user, so I
> can't judge that myself, but that's the impression I get), I think
> that's the way to go.

The more I hear about this, the more it seems like supporting multiple
versions is both a headache and, more importantly, not even actually

Also, having now upgraded to 5.12 and not experienced a single issue
(blah, blah, anecdotal, sample size, blah, blah, blah), nor seen any
online reports of issues, I think it'd be fairly safe to immediately
migrate back to a single perl5 port. Given the chaos that has already
been seen here it's probably safe enough to just make the change
without trying to ease the transition for anyone.

I say drop the version options, make perl5 install 5.12, and any newer
version in the future, and then revbump all the p5- modules.

This would also be a good candidate for enhancing the perl5 PortGroup.
Automatically "revbump" when the perl5 port is updated. Though this
could probably be rolled into the version dependency work.

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