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On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 07:02, cao.xu <cao.xu at> wrote:
>        I am a newbie of macports and find it quiet convenient. Now I have an erlang package with my own patches, and I have installed it into /opt/local .  How could I register it as port installed so other port packages depend on it could be build without downloading and installing erlang from the port repo again?

MacPorts doesn't support this. Ideally what you'd do is add your
patches to the existing erlang Portfile and install from that. Maybe
even submit your changes if they'd be useful to others.

At best, you could install the erlang port and then overlay your
patched install on top of that. This would of course break as soon as
you upgrade the erlang port. It would possibly break even sooner if
your patch installs files that aren't also installed by the existing

It's really best to leave /opt/local to be controlled by MacPorts.

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