Can't paste in x11 version 2.6.1

Philip Hudson phil.hudson at
Wed Jun 1 13:45:52 PDT 2011

On 31 May, 2011, at 7:14 pm, Donglian Xu wrote:

>  2) Emacs doesn't seem to work in X11 as on linux machines. For  
> instance,
> the control + <space>, control + w and control + y in emacs on linux  
> are
> mark, cut and yanking respectively. Those combinations don't seem to  
> work on
> X11 the same way.

I have the same setup (X11 2.6.1, MacPorts emacs). I work in emacs in  
X11 2.6.1 all day every day. Those keystrokes do work exactly as  
expected for me -- in fact, local MacPorts emacs looks, feels and  
works *exactly* like remote linux emacs displaying locally via ssh -X.

Let's compare setups.

X11 preferences:

   Input tab: "Emulate 3-button mouse" is the only option I have  
checked; all others are unchecked.
   Pasteboard tab: All checkboxes checked.

See if the following hard-won Mac clipboard integration elisp works.  
Put it somewhere in your .emacs (or init.el):

Phil Hudson        
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