Postfix (Fetchmail and Dovecote) on OSX 10.6.7 ???

William H. Magill magill at
Thu Jun 16 12:00:38 PDT 2011

Is anyone working Postfix on OSX? (10.6.7)

The basic problem is I know virtually nothing about Postfix. There was a time when I was pretty conversant with sendmail on Tru64 Uinx and FreeBSD, but that was 10+ years ago:)

The MacPorts-WIKI How-To document is 3+ years old ... I began trying to update it somewhat (again), but have discovered that getting postfix running is more than slightly difficult...

The port installs and updates, (i.e. selfupdate runs with no complaints and my Apache/MySQL/PHP installation updates ok) but that's about all I can say.

I assume there is something "obvious" that I'm missing between Unix(tm) and OSX, that is causing particular issues... like the fact that (apparently) nothing is getting logged anywhere that I can find.

Any help appreciated

Bill Magill

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