Postfix (Fetchmail and Dovecote) on OSX 10.6.7 ???

Bjarne D Mathiesen macintosh at
Sat Jun 18 01:39:13 PDT 2011

Daniel J. Luke wrote:
> On Jun 17, 2011, at 5:07 PM, Bjarne D Mathiesen wrote:
>> That's really not the fault of postfix, but a piss-poor DNS system in
>> the router. postfix uses the DNS services from the computer, and the
>> computer queries external DNS services etc etc.
> true.
>> if the router or the
>> local ISP don't provide quality service, then one can bypass these and
>> use eg the openDNS servers. You can manually set this up in Network
>> Preferences.
> be careful with openDNS and other providers as you want to make sure you have them set to not do their 'magic' stuff (I believe openDNS has a setting you can configure so they don't do their automatic redirection stuff if you want to use it with a mailserver).

openDNS gives you the IP-address for their seach page when you request
A-record but a 'not found' answer when you request MX-records
dig @ A
dig @ MX

There's a list of open DNS-servers here:

I can remember the stink from a few years back when verisign started
introducing this kind of thing :

> If you're doing any volume of mail, it is useful to run a caching resolver locally on your mail machine.

Well, we've got at least bind9, djbdns and dnsmasq among the portfiles

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