Re: Postfix (Fetchmail and Dovecote) on OSX 10.6.7 ???

Andrew Long andrew.long at
Sat Jun 18 02:35:43 PDT 2011

On 17 Jun 2011, at 22:07, Bjarne D Mathiesen wrote:

> William H. Magill wrote:
>> Also, got this comment from Andrew Long...
>> On Jun 17, 2011, at 11:29 AM, Andrew Long wrote:
>>> I tried to get postfix running many years ago, after moving from Linux to OS/X. I stumbled at the first hurdle as the inbuilt DNS client wouldn't retrieve MX information for target mail domains (it was just requesting information from the piss-poor DNS client in my router) and I just gave up trying to get a real DNS system installed on the Mac... however, that was back under Tiger, the situation may have improved since then ;-)
> That's really not the fault of postfix, but a piss-poor DNS system in
> the router. postfix uses the DNS services from the computer, and the
> computer queries external DNS services etc etc. if the router or the
> local ISP don't provide quality service, then one can bypass these and
> use eg the openDNS servers. You can manually set this up in Network
> Preferences.

Darn it! Keep forgetting to reply to the list! Sorry!

No arguments from me... I was just too loaded down doing other stuff to expend the extra time to run my own DNS server on the Mac without running the risk that it would be trashed  by the next upgrade.


Andrew Long
andrew dot long at yahoo dot com

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