How do I get etherape to work in OS X 10.6.6?

Tommy Bollman tommyb06 at
Mon Mar 7 12:56:13 PST 2011


Well, I guess there are more processes involved, I'm just suggesting that maybe you may find 
differences of priorites  in the process group with the respective Os's. And this is without knowing exactly what kind of information htop disclosures about the underlying processes.

I guess there maybe differences in priorities somewhere, without knowing which may affect the result. It is just a suggestion. ps -Alj shows the full package, but I guess you knew that from before. It is really all I have to add to it. Not having the faintest idea if it will relieve any useful information.

Den 7. mars 2011 kl. 21.16 skrev Zack Perry:

> Hi Tommy,
> Thanks for your suggestion.  I took a look of etherape's nice value using htop, and the value in both Ubuntu 10.04LTS and OS X is 0.  So, that is unlikely to be the culprit.
> I just wonder whether anyone reading this list has ever run Etherape successfully and normally in 10.6.6?  
> Best,
> -- Zack
> Hello.
> One reason for the differences might be that the processes are given different priorities under
> the two OS's. It may not be so, but I would have looked at the priorites of the two.
> Renice is included in Snow Leopard ...
> [...]

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