How do I get etherape to work in OS X 10.6.6?

Zack Perry zack.perry at
Mon Mar 7 17:56:06 PST 2011

Hi Ryan,

I will just use the gcc 4.4 in the ports to bootstrap gcc 4.5.2, avoiding the older gcc that Apple provides.  

I used to do a lot builds and packaging of GNU and other free software in Sun Solaris (SPARC/UltraSPARC hosts mostly) for the company I worked for, so I am used to this kind of activities.  Since I am at it, I might as well do it all way, building the compiler first and every other library that etherape depends.  

I know it's tedious, and see this as a last resort but if I need to, I will do it (built etherape from "scratch" in Solaris before and it worked)


-- Zack

Certainly if you wish to install gcc45 for other purposes you can do so, but I'm not sure what this has to do with etherape. The etherape port does not have a dependency on gcc45, and will not use it even if it is present; it will use the gcc provided in Apple's Xcode, just like most other ports do.

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