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> Von: "Keith J. Schultz" <keithjschultz at web.de>
> Datum: 11. März 2011 10:36:03 MEZ
> An: James Berry <jberry at macports.org>
> Betreff: Re: Xcode 4 issues
> Am 11.03.2011 um 02:16 schrieb James Berry:
>> Sorry for the cross-post, but as this issue has been on both the users and the dev lists, I'm posting to both.
>> I know that there's a lot of concern about the cost of Xcode 4, as well as of some compatibility issues. I know the portmgr team has been thinking about this, and has passed on some of the concerns to some relevant people within Apple. I thought I'd take a moment to bring up what we do know about this issue, based on various reports.
>> (1) Xcode 4 is currently not free. It is available for $5 US through the Mac App Store, or available to developer who have a paid Apple Developer account (~$99).
> 	C'mon $ 5 US or 4€ is not that much. I would think this a no-brainer
>> (2) Xcode 3 is still available, and remains free at this time.
> 	I doubt this will change. Either way, if you do not have it download now.
>> (3) PortMgr is requesting that wherever possible, no Xcode 4 requirements be placed into ports.
> 	I do not use PortMgr so I can not say
>> (4) By and large, the Xcode 4 tools, if installed, should be compatible with MacPorts, though this issue hasn't been widely explored; there may be some issues with SDK versions available in the various Xcode installs.
> 	So far no problems, then again I do not have much installed! MacPorts already uses other compilers and not always Apples!
>> (5) The SDKs installed by various versions of Xcode have always been a changing target; this isn't a completely new issue.
> 	Any port that do require a particular SDK version!
>> (6) Apple has made no public announcements, that I know of, concerning the developer tools environment in Mac OS X Lion, expected for release this year. We don't know, for instance, if Xcode 3 will continue to be free, or whether it will function on Lion, nor if there will be any other build environment (tools, SDKs, etc) available for free for Lion.
> 	I think we can safely, assume that it will be Xcode 4! Have not heard of an XCode 5.
> 	I assume that a version of Lion will be distributed via the Mac App store and on some media with new machines and on some physical
> 	media! The Mac App store could just offer Lion and if you want Xcode it will be a separate download given the size of Xcode 4 (4 GB)!
> 	Pricing is an interesting question! 
>> I think that's a fair list of some of the issues. If there are more, they can be added to the list. Maybe somebody can get some of this growing compilation onto the Wiki.
> 	Actually, hardly any true issues! Fears, yes. MacPorts has been through new OS changes before! So nothing new! PPC and Tiger are dead animals!
>> It's my hope and desire, and I believe that of most members of the MacPorts project, that there will continue to be no-charge development tools and SDKs available on Mac OS X into the future. A good compromise between free and not free might be for there to be free command line tools and SDK, with the Xcode GUI available for a fee. 
> 	I like I mentioned above 5 bucks is really, not that much! 
>> In summary, not much has changed as-of yet: Xcode 3 is still available and free; what the future holds is somewhat less certain. I encourage MacPorts developers and users who want to influence that future to make their wishes known to any Apple contacts you might be able to leverage.
> 	Xcode 3 is basically dead, just need it for PPC development maybe Tiger, too! Not sure!
> regards
> 	Keith.

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