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Fri Mar 11 08:25:22 PST 2011

	This link might explain, in a very small way, llvm and gcc.


	Actually the license is the UIUC Open Source License. Read it for 
enlightenment. It appears that regex is the only acknowledged BDS licensed part.


	Before further comment one might access and explore


	For me, the only part that had any difficulty compiling was the gcc part; it 
refused to complete due to various define errors at load.

Watson Ladd wrote:
> LLVM is BSD licensed, so they don't have to give us the code, unless
> there is residual GCC code lying around, which there may be. Apple
> seems to be saying there isn't.  Anyone want to go make another LLVM
> port? Of course it could just be that Apple is charging people who
> want to get a head start on Lion development.
> On Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 5:22 AM, Bayard Bell


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