how to change encfs installation script to skip macfuse

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I'm not sure what the general rules are with this, but I've noticed that <port>-devel allows people who are so inclined to get closer to the bleeding edge, presumably forewarned that what they are running is of a markedly different status. Let people work with the -devel branch and decide from there when the 2.1 branch is sufficiently stable to replace 2.0 in the standard port.

On 15 Mar 2011, at 19:12, Dan Ports wrote:

> On Tue, Mar 15, 2011 at 08:52:45AM -0600, Frank Schima wrote:
>> The official Macfuse site says 2.0.3,2 is the latest version [1]. Where are you seeing 2.1.7?
> My understanding is that MacFUSE has effectively been abandoned by its
> author, and 2.0.3,2 is the latest released version (so, not
> surprisingly, it's the one available in the port)
> There's been some work in the community about creating a newer version,
> and in particular on getting 64-bit kernel support. Ticket #26115 has
> some links to relevant threads. As far as I know all of this is pretty
> experimental.
> As the macfuse port's maintainer, I'm not entirely opposed to updating
> the port to an "unofficial" version if there's not going to be another
> "official" release. (Though the thought does make me uneasy -- is there
> any precedent for doing that?) But I certainly don't want to update to
> a version that's also unstable.
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