how to change encfs installation script to skip macfuse

seron mirimiri66 at
Thu Mar 17 05:57:43 PDT 2011

Dan Ports-6 wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 15, 2011 at 05:43:32AM -0700, seron wrote:
>> When I try to install encfs it fails to install macfuse (2.0.3) as I have
>> a
>> newer version (2.1.7) installed from the official site. Other software
>> depends on 2.1.7 so uninstalling it is not an option. So what I was
>> thinking
>> was to edit the macports script for installing encfs to skip macfuse and
>> hopefully use the one already installed. How could I accomplish this and
>> also keep the script from being overwritten when the macports install
>> script
>> library is refreshed?
> And in the interest of actually answering your original question, it
> might be possible to just edit the portfile for encfs and remove
> port:macfuse from the depends_lib line.

I succeeded in installing encfs after removing the above part, and encfs
runs without complaining. But now I have a problem where the decrypted view
of an encrypted directory is corrupt. That is, file names are intact but
their content is not. This is not limited to my modified macports install. I
have the same problem in gentoo. See my post in the gentoo forum
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