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Brian Wilson bountonw at
Tue Mar 22 19:57:28 PDT 2011


I have installed the macports installation of bibledit on my macbook pro
(snow leopard). If I change keyboards on my mac, I can type in the language
of that keyboard in any program/app that is installed  *except* bibledit. No
matter which keyboard I have active, the result is English text. I have
English set as the default language, but I frequently type in two other
languages in more than a dozen programs. Somehow these programs "know" when
I have changed keyboards. The developers of bibledit are very helpful and
responsive and I am sure that as soon as the solution is apparent that they
will find a way to implement it.

Is there a macports library that bibledit can link to in order to "know"
when the user has switched keyboards?

Any technical advice is appreciated and will be passed on to the bibledit

Thank you,

Brian Wilson
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